Case 14: More then slightly annoying

11th June 2002

Filed by: Officer Miller

The Offence

In the article Recruiting zeal delivers past glory at Texas, 21st March 2002, Tracy Schultz of the Dallas Morning News writes that:

After more then a decade on the recruiting road, Harston handles the on-campus end of recruiting.

The Verdict

AAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!! It's ``than'', people! Than, than, than!

``Then'': time. ``Than'': comparison. It's not hard, so use the right word! I understand this mistake by people who slept through the sixth grade, but professional writers? Tracy Schultz is guilty of using an incorrect homonym that isn't even a homonym.

The Sentence

We sentence Schultz to be forced to watch the NCAA women's championship while being repeatedly hit over the head with a plastic baseball bat. (Yeah, that sounds about right!)

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